Discover the 7 threats that could seriously affect the delivery of curricular Music, Languages, Drama, Art and Dance at your school, and how to avoid them.

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  • Prioritising Pupil Progress
  • Differentiating for Success
  • Impact of AFL on achievement
  • Customising Lesons to your school
  • Progress via ongoing Assessments
  • Avoid class teacher delivery pitfalls
  • Secrets to boost your school’s results
Who We Are

Exceptional Education was founded 2 decades ago by an ex-teacher to provide schools with quality teaching staff who have a specialism in subjects like Music, Drama, MFL, Art and others. Our unique staff background and selection process enables schools to access the quality of teaching their pupils deserve.


Why choose us? We believe in giving exceptional customer service built on maintaining relationships built on trust. Our personal approach ensures we get to know you and your school and work out a recommendation to meet your specific needs. Our unique selection process ensures you only meet the candidates that are the best unique fit for your roles.


All our teachers are selected using strict criteria by ex- school leaders. Their qualifications, experience, character and competence are all considered to arrive at the best possible candidates for your positions.

Their personal statement, track record and references add further clarification of their classroom ability and performance.

Phone screening, face to face interviews and discussions with previous employers refine our selection to the best fit for your needs.

We have prices to suit all school budgets and will be able to work out the best value for you at the best price for your requirements.

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