Enrich your Curriculum with Modern Foreign Languages for the Primary Curriculum

All our qualified teachers are experienced, native-level speakers, hand-picked and trained to deliver primary MFL to fulfil the government’s requirement for KS2 MFL provision. We also have many KS1 MFL teachers.

  • Cross curricular activities and themes tie in with other subject areas
  • Kinaesthetically based lessons full of songs, games, stories and role-plays with differentiated interactive activities
  • Positive behaviour management and classroom control strategies ensure good learning
  • Impact indicators including term-based MFL Language Ladder achievement targets to show individual child progression that can be consolidated with European Languages Portfolio if desired
  • Bespoke reporting with indications of % increase and evaluation of Language Progress within the school
  • Literacy and numeracy skills are improved by learning a modern foreign language
  • Links to schools abroad facilitates international learning opportunities via interacting with students in France or Spain for example